Town Of Roseboom, NY
126 County Highway 50
Cherry Valley, NY 13320

Town Board

    Patti Gustafson
        744 County Hwy 50
        Cherry Valley, NY 13320
        (607) 264-3046


Curtis VanDewerker
    393 Doc Ahlers Road
    Cherry Valley, NY 13320
    (607) 264-3050

Dan Gage
    135 Co. Hwy 57
    Cherry Valley, NY 13320
    (607) 264-8187  

Allegra Schecter
    211 Adair Rd
    Cherry Valley, NY 13320
    (607) 264-8433

Charlie Diamond II
    117 Bussman Rd East
    Cherry Valley, NY 13320
    (607) 264-3364

The Town Board meets monthly at the South Valley First Christian Church Fellowship Hall on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm to conduct the business of the Town.  Throughout the month the Town Board members are in touch with aspects of Town business on a smaller scale. In the event of a change in meeting date, location or if a special meeting is going to be held, notice will given.

Town Board members attend committee meetings once a month.  Committee meetings are held on the Friday before the board meeting at the Town Barn from 9 am - 11 am.  Committee Meetings are open to the public. 

The Town Board is responsible for the fiscal running of the Town. The Town Board sets the final budget for the year and audits the vouchers for payment each month.

Contact information is listed for all members of the Town Board.  Board members are happy to speak with town residents regarding concerns, suggestions or questions.  We welcome your presence at the Town Board meetings.
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